Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"When ideology collides with reality, reality is rarely the damaged party." I don't remember which philosopher said this, but there is mention of a sorts of natural law, that is, simply what is in the world. Any human-made law must abide by natural law, lest it lead to conflict and ultimately, useless demise in a conflict that cannot be resolved. In short, any thought, law or impulse that is laid upon the world must fit that world, else the law is stupid. A great example of this is realpolitik, which is a form of politics where nor idealism or ideology are used to decide what kind of policy is to be implemented, but a simple goal is stated (which could be the result of ideology or idealism), after which a realistic path to that goal is charted. It's the political variant of red pill knowledge, where one has to accept that practicality leads. A good politician will have to be able to let go of his or her morality and do that which is practical, even if it isn't moral.

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