Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In general, I'm a "nice" guy. It's hard for me to get angry, agressive or even intimidating. I just fall back to a "nice" level of intensity and stick around there.

This is a thing holding me back. I've somehow been brought up to believe that negative emotions are negative, but they're not. They're just emotions that boil up due to something happening. You might as well say that love is great, but lust is wrong. They are all just mental states I experience and I feel. To ignore or deny that is something that is probably a recipe for years of therapy.

And I've noticed that I can get angry. At stupidity. At things that I find unfair. That anger gives tremendous energy to deal with said unfairness, though it's hard to channel it into a constructive avenue.

Still, looking back, the strongest impact I've had on people was when I got angry because of a view or thought they held which was unfair in my opinion. By showing I was angry and using that anger to adress the unfair situation, I somehow changed the world for the better. So cheers to you anger, for we will probably meet again, and this time as friends.

* For those interested, the most lucid moment was when an asian girl kept saying that mothers love their children more than men and that men could not take care of children as their mother could because of this.
I never heard such idiocy in my life. Angrily, I stated that men have feelings too and actually love their children.
I don't think I convinced the asian girl, but a girl sitting close by confessed that she had never thought of it that way. That girl finally got over her hatred of men that night and would eventually become my partner. Thank you anger, for not letting me sit idly.

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