Thursday, September 22, 2011

Types of problems

I always thought that in essence, there are only two types of problems. Maybe I'm too much of a technician for dividing everything that could ever go wrong into two categories, but it served me well so far:

Technical problems are problems that rely on a change in the world. "My oats need to be stored", "This car is too slow", "Man, I wish my browser could do that". They might be complex, sure, but there often is a technical solution to a problem.

Human problems however, are a real pain in the backside. You can't solve human problems, you can only try to confront them or show people a way out. But there is no 'fix' for the problems a person has. And if there was, it is considered rude, as you would encroach on that holiest of holies: Someones personality, personal sphere and freedom of choice.

It's just such a shame that in my current job as technical teacher, I'm hired to give a technical solution for a human problem. The problem? Management doesn't really care about the people who work there. The solution: Let's throw some courses at them so they feel that we're helping them.


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