Sunday, February 28, 2010

A story

And just to top it off, a little story that applies to all the things i said earlier:

Spider loved dancing. He had 8 legs, which made him one of the best dancers known, save for one: The centipede.
No matter how hard he tried, the spider could never outperform the centipede with its hundred of feet, literally!
The centipede danced and danced, as all other insects nodded in praise, but spider had a plan.
"Centipede!" Spider said, "I just looove how well you can dance."
"Thank you." The centipede replied, and danced a little jig just for spider.
"I love how you move your 22nd foot just before you tap with your 59th foot." spider said.

The centipede stopped dancing.
"And the way you moved your odd legs on your left side in tandem with the even ones on your right side. Marvellous!" spider said, smiling .
Centipede was dumbstruck, he never really thought about dancing, he just used to do it.

"Could you dance again for me?" spider asked, smiling very broadly indeed.
Centipede moved his first leg, the one one the left side and stopped. "No wait" he said, droplets of sweat on his brow. "I think i forgot how to dance!" he cried out.

Spider nodded and smiled, knowing that centipede would never dance again.

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